Mar Vista – Visions of Sodal Ye

An album that has remained off the radar until now, Mar Vista’s Lo-Fi progressive home recording ‘Visions’ was pressed in a quantity of 200 copies with plain sleeves and sold locally in France.  Influenced by La Monte Young, Ashra Temple, Popul Vuh, Terry Riley, Tangerine Dream and others, the album plays as two side long songs, with side 1 being a suite of 6 songs intertwined with the use of a four track.  One hell of a trip, it stands as one of the more interesting private press albums we’ve heard from France, and another release originally pressed at the Le Kiosque D’Orphee pressing plant.

Fully Licensed LP is reissued with old-style paste on sleeves, numbered at 300 w/inset & camera photos pasted on the front and back cover to mimic the homemade jackets from ’76.  The CD comes with 2 long and killer bonus songs; Crash ’73 which was influenced by early Soft Machine, and Sykthetik Way, a recording from ’78 influenced by artists like Klaus Schulze and is limited to only 500 copies.  One hell of a trip, it stands as one of the more interesting private press albums we’ve heard from France.  Highly Recommended!

***SOLD OUT***

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