2017 and on


2016 was a tough year for me on the production front.  Projects I started at factory level in Fall of 2015 are still not finished, and new signings continue to pile up to the frustration of some of my customers.  I’ve put a lot of things in place to make a strong comeback in 2017 and to have an incredible 2018.  There are a lot of new titles coming (that have yet to be announced) along with a new relationship with Zambia Music Parlour (which will include our “Legacy Series” releases – a series of 180g vinyl releases direct from original master tapes, including unreleased material).   There will also be a new series of short run, 100c (200c max) runs of rare psychedelic and progressive items from around the world.  These will be fully licensed and housed in full color covers, and will most likely sell out quickly.  I’m also proud to be helping out, and involved with a new South African label that will have its first release by May of this year!  Strawberry Rain currently has 5 different slabs of vinyl in the factory, all slated for summer release, and I have more planned for Fall/Winter of this year.

Sorry for all of the delays, but we’re going to make up for it shortly.  – Jason

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