Crossbones ‘Wise Man’


When the Born Free and Crosstown Traffic decided to merge together, they formed ‘Crossbones‘ and released the album ‘Wise Man‘ along with a few singles.  Originally put out on the same imprint as the infamous Lazy Bones! by WITCH, Salty Dog‘s S/T lp, The Broadway Quintet‘s ‘Amalume‘ & The Machine Gunners‘ only albums and WITCH‘s progressive offering ‘Lukombo Vibes‘, ‘Wise Man‘ is not only in good company, but stands as one of the best offerings from the era.  Wise Man is also of note because of Violet Kafula, the only female artist to record on a Zamrock lp, she lent her vocals to a few of the songs on this album, and their biggest selling single at over 14,000 copies.  Surprisingly even with their success ‘Wise Man‘ remains one of the more difficult records to source these days, and near impossible in clean condition.  Essential for any fan of Zamrock or African rock music.

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